2018-2019 Season Recap

I’m calling it — winter in Philadelphia is officially over, barring any major changes in the long range forecast. We don’t see that happening, however; the forecasts only show rising temperatures from here on out. Looking back on the season, let’s see how we did.

November 15th was our biggest snow storm, bringing over 4″ of snow to the Philadelphia region, most of it unanticipated. December saw next to no snow at all, and January recorded a handful of storms totaling only a few inches. February picked up, bringing around 7″, and two back-to-back storms in early March combined for another 6″ in accumulation.

All told, we received around 21″ of snow this winter, give or take depending on location. Comparatively speaking, the same areas got around 40″ last year, due in large part to three late-season storms. (All snow totals are provided by our partners at Weather Works.) So while we didn’t hit the same numbers as last year, we did see a significant growth in business.

As such, this year, we were able to bring a lot more firepower into the fight. At many sites, we leveraged bulk salt operations to more quickly and efficiently combat ice and re-freeze situations. Our large calcium stores enabled us to prevent ice forming even at extreme low temperatures. We also added additional trucks and plows (including two new Wide-Outs and a 9′ 6″ V-plow), and expanded our coverage area.

This year also saw three of our team members gain the coveted Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) certification. We also began sharing our expertise with others in the industry through a series of magazine articles. Moreover, co-owner and COO Ian Oelschlegel is slated to teach a workshop at the 2019 SIMA Symposium in Grand Rapids.

And we continue to exist as a locally-owned, family-run business. As we grow, we seek to infuse these values into each and every relationship, whether employee, subcontractor, client, or vendor. We have served NW Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs since 1973, and hope to do so well into the future.

Through our constant efforts to improve, Suburban Snow Plow is well-positioned to tackle all forms of winter inclement weather. Our team has the experience and the equipment to get the job done, regardless the situation. Join hundreds of other satisfied clients — give us a call at 1-866-600-PLOW or request a proposal today!

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