Our History

Our roots date back to 1973, where Larry Oelschlegel, Jr. ran a one-man snow plow side business with a handful of clients.  The business continued to be a one-man operation, though occasionally employing additional workers and plow trucks over the years.  As his children grew, they would often accompany him during snowstorms.

The Blizzard of ’96 dumped 31″ of snow on the city of Philadelphia, earning Larry enough money in a single storm to purchase the family a new minivan. During that storm, many of Larry’s children rode in the truck with him seeing how the work was performed.  Into the late ’90s, Larry’s oldest son Ian began to grow the business by marketing to additional customers, and in 2003, we bought a second plow truck.

In 2005, we published our first website, and over the next decade, the company would invest heavily in new technologies, acquiring additional trucks, trailers, skid steer loaders, and other various snow clearing equipment.  Our invoicing became a lot more detailed as well, including certified snow fall totals for each zip code we service.

We bought our first hydraulic extendable-wing plow in 2009 — the Western Wide-Out.  Today, all our trucks have them.

In 2014, Philadelphia received 75″ of snowfall in a single season — nearly 4x the annual average.  As a result, SSP invested in Ventrac sidewalk machines to handle the additional load.  This not only allowed us to more efficiently service our sidewalk properties, but increased quality of work, and we gained additional accounts as neighboring business owners saw the result, further driving up efficiency.  Market saturation has been a focal point of our business model given our urban environment, and utilizing sidewalk equipment plays a pivotal role in that aspect.  We would add additional specialized sidewalk equipment in the years to come, including Polaris ATVs with Boss V-plows and Snowrators.

2018 was a huge year for us.  By the end of the season, we had grown to over 160 individual job sites serviced each snow fall, including over 9 miles of urban sidewalks.  Payroll was up to 90 employees, with over 50 working every storm spread across some 20+ crews.  We implemented mobile app technologies, simplifying routing and dispatching, and employed a dedicated account manager.  That summer, we sent a team to the Snow and Ice Management Association’s 21st Symposium in Cleveland, where we took first place in the Best Practices Skills Competition, as well as see several members of our team achieve the Advanced Snow Manager credential!

Our Values

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, proactively managing customer expectations and without sacrificing quality of service.  Each client receives dedicated, personal attention, and we do our best to work within your timetables.

We are committed to safety — both for our clients and their customers, and our workforce as we get the job done.  Not clearing snow and ice increases the chance of slip and fall injuries and the cost of liability.  For our workers, we continually seek to mitigate the potential for accidents while on the job.  From frostbite, overexertion, and sleep deprivation to slippery sidewalks and roadways to using heavy machinery, the job is physically intense, non-stop urgent, often unpredictable, and frequently dangerous.  As a result, we harp on not only going out and getting the job done, but more importantly, also coming home.  

As a family-owned business, we extend the same values and attitudes to each of our workers, treating them as individual members of one big family.  Despite a mostly seasonal workforce — not to mention the hazards of the job itself — a full two-thirds of our workers stay on for multiple years.  Working with Suburban Snow Plow, our individual contractors can rest assured that we genuinely care for their well-being.

1973 Larry buys a plow

Larry Oelschlegel, Jr. purchases a second hand plow.

1998 Ian markets to prospective clients

Larry’s oldest son Ian begins marketing to prospective clients.

2003 SSP second truck

SSP purchases a second plow truck.

2005 SSP first website

SSP publishes its first website.

2009 SSP first Wide-Out

Our first Western Wide-Out hydraulic extendable wing plow is purchased.

2014 SSP first Ventrac

SSP buys its first Ventrac sidewalk machine.

2016 SSP explores brine

SSP explores brine technology, designing and constructing a custom brine manufacturing system capable of producing 750 gal/hr.

2017 SSP first ATV

SSP purchases its first Polaris ATV with Boss VXT V-plow for handing deep/heavy snow on sidewalks.

2018 160 properties

SSP finishes the 2017-2018 winter season with over 160 properties.

2018 SSP wins skills competition

SSP takes first place in the SIMA Best Practices Skills Competition.

2018 Erich ASM

Erich Oelschlegel completes the Advanced Snow Manager course.

2018 Zach ASM

Zach Oelschlegel completes the Advanced Snow Manager course.

2018 Eric ASM

Eric Urschel completes the Advanced Snow Manager course.

Service Areas

Montgomery County: Abington, Elkins Park, Erdenheim, Flourtown, Glenside, Jenkintown, Oreland, Willow Grove, Wyncote, Wyndmoor

Philadelphia County: Cedarbrook, Chestnut Hill, East Falls, East Germantown, East Mt. Airy, East Oak Lane, Germantown, Lawncrest, Logan, Oak Lane, Olney, Wadsworth, West Mt. Airy

ZIP Codes: 19001, 19027, 19031, 19038, 19046, 19075, 19090, 19095, 19118, 19119, 19120, 19126, 19129, 19141, 19144, 19150

Every year brings additional service areas into our coverage map which may not have been updated here.  If you don’t see yours listed, check out our extended coverage map.

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