An ounce of prevention is often the best remedy.  Pre-treating surface areas with a liquid brine solution has been demonstrated to delay the onset of accumulation by working to melt snow as it falls, effective up to 72 hours in advance.   It allows for cleaner scrapes during removal and less ice build-up by reducing the ability of fallen snow to adhere to the pavement and sidewalk surfaces.

Elevated chlorine levels in freshwater lakes and streams has also been attributed to overuse of ice-melt compounds during the winter season.  Brine enables us to be better stewards of the environment by reducing overall salt usage.


In 2016, we custom built our own 750-gallon agitator for mixing brine.  Check out the process below!


Brine is effective when applied before, during and after snowstorms.  Compared to rock salt spreaders, brine’s liquid state reacts faster with surface accumulation than granular salt to lower freezing point and prevent ice from forming.  Additionally, direct application to the pavement keeps unwanted chemicals out of flower beds and nearby foliage.  

The below videos were taken during the same storm which dumped about 4″ of snow overall.  The first video is a pre-treatment application before any snow began to stick to the pavement.  The second video is taken a few hours later during the heaviest snowfall.  No surface snow removal was performed between these videos — note the snow accumulation levels in areas along the edges that did not get pre-treated compared to the areas that received pre-treatment.

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