Priority Snow Removal

Hope you all enjoyed the recent snowfall we got overnight on Saturday into Sunday morning. As on any weekend storm, getting the walks and parking lots cleared out at our church sites received top priority. Within a few hours after the snow ended, our crews were finishing up at over a dozen churches. After that, our focus turned to the rest of our clients, including 24/7 healthcare facilities, commercial storefronts, apartment buildings, and individual residences.

Site prioritization doesn’t just happen on Sundays — we work with all our clients’ diverse schedules. Whether it’s a recital, funeral, business conference, shift changeover, or other special event, Suburban Snow Plow has you covered. We stay in constant communication with all of our customers leading up and during a storm. And with our route density, we can tap any one of multiple crews to quickly respond to your property.

Suburban Snow Plow works with you to produce a snow removal plan tailored to your organization. Give us a call at 1-866-600-PLOW or request a proposal today!

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