Snow Business Photo Shoot

Suburban Snow Plow will be featured in September’s issue of Snow Business!  It is quite an honor to receive this kind of publicity.

Last week, our very own Ian Oelschlegel was interviewed last week as the basis for a cover story on how we do site engineering/verification.  (We think winning the skills competition in Cleveland back in June had something to do with it.)  It is a chance to not only demonstrate the way we do things, but to raise the bar for how a quality snow contractor operates.

This afternoon, Philadelphia’s own (and highly talented) Dave Moser along with Justin Chiu visited our site to take photos for the cover and the spread.  Although the temps never dipped below 90, Dave was cool and patient throughout the whole process.  It was a blast working with him.

We haven’t seen any of the final shots yet, so we’re as anxious as you are.  In the meantime, enjoy some of these shots we took during the shoot.

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